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About Chuck Clark Music Ministries
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Chuck was born in Chicago, IL 58, yes I really said it, years ago. Most folks laugh when he tells them that because you can't tell by that accent he has. Although he was born a "yankee" he has strong roots in MS where he lives now. His Dad was originally from a small town in north MS called Burnsville and his Mom was from a small town in AL, Cherokee. The moved to Chicago shortly after they got married and as they say, the rest is history. Chuck may live in MS but he's quick to let you know he is a Cub fan all the way. "That's one thing from Chicago you'll never get out of me", he says. The greatest blessing of his life though is his personal testimony following an auto accident almost 18 years ago. "I shouldn't be here right now but by the grace of God I am." If you get to see him in person make sure to ask him about that night.  

His Dad was a strong Christian influence in Chuck's life from the time he was young up through the time of his death in 2006 when he lost his battle with cancer. He would sing at church anytime and everytime he was asked. He always travelled with his guitar on Sunday morning knowing someone would ask him to sing. His Mom was also saved at an early age and would talk often about the Lord before she past away in 2008. The last thing she told the nurses was that she saw someone coming for her and we all know who that someone was. Although his Dad only got to see him sing on video and his Mom only a couple of times he still feels them with him everywhere he goes. Chuck carries a picture of them in his coat pocket when he sings to make sure they are there with him. 

Chuck has been married to Marlene for 37 years now and they have been blessed with three wonderful daughters, Lacy, Emma and Morgan. They have eight grandchildren that they love dearly. Maddison and Nolee are Lacy's daughters and Emma has four boys, Camron, Elijah, Mason and Braxton Alexander. Morgan has a little girl named Brooklyn and a son named Brantley

Always a little shy to try to sing in public Chuck was finally coaxed into doing a special one Sunday morning and since then it's just been one incredible moment after another. From the first time he sang "When I get carried away" so many years ago through today it is still one of his favorite songs to do and one people love to hear. 

The one thing that Chuck has always believed and made sure of is that each and and every song he does has a message in it that will touch someones life. Song selection is done through a lot of prayer to make sure that is what the Lord wants him to sing. "I never hear a song and say I'm gonna do that one without asking HIM first." 

Now a few words about the ministry from Chuck:

First and foremost the thing I want to say is thank GOD for it all....HE gets the glory for it all...Always has and always will....Now,
It is hard to believe that it's been 9 years since the Lord opened this door for me. On June 30th of 2011 the Lord allowed me to start a solo singing ministry and it has been such a great time in my life. This was a big change after quartet singing for almost 6 years. To be allowed to serve HIM by doing something that I enjoy so much is just an incredible blessing. The last year has been one blessing after another. The Lord has allowed me to sing in eight different states in venues that I never dreamed of. He put some great song writers in my life that have been such an inspiration to me. They have given me some of the best songs I have ever had the honor to sing. He has allowed me to do two CD's that have been played on stations all over the country and also on an internet radio station heard all over the world. And I don't want these statements to be seen as me bragging about what I have done because I have done nothing, HE has done it all. That is the main focus of this singing ministry, HE gets the glory and honor for it all. Without HIM, I can do nothing friends. 

I do ask that you all keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I get travel and sing HIS praises. May HE bless each and every one of you and I thank HIM for you all..God bless...